My Son’s Baptism

I was surprised at the thoughts and feelings I had when my son got baptized.


Thank you, Teachers

Teachers are amazing. Not only do they have your child in a classroom, but twenty others...ALL DAY! I can barely handle all 3 of my kids alone, let alone 23! Plus, teachers are instructing the minds of our little ones. I have struggled supporting my son in school since he was in kindergarten. He has dyslexia, but because of his teachers pushing through and standing beside us we finally have gotten him into a program that has helped him more than I can say.

For The Single Moms On Mother’s Day

Mamas come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and relationship statuses. Somehow in the chaos we are able to make it all work through utter exhaustion, all the tears, all the laughs, the multitasking.

The Rustic Grace Story

Though our life in so many ways has turned upside down since my husband left, this tee shirt business remains constant. Even with setbacks in life, this business keeps growing and thriving. Rustic Grace is a part of our family and we’re excited to keep making shirts for you and yours!

Be Still

So, last week my kids were gone to their Dad’s house and that was definitely a struggle for me! It was the first time they have ever been gone for a full 7 days and I was really proud of myself for letting this happen because I for SURE thought there was no way I... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter + Coupon Code

When my husband left me and our kids, I felt like part of me died. And in a lot of ways, that was true. That chapter in my life had come to an end and the fairytale was over. I felt like I couldn’t breathe for months and I was living in a nightmare.  ... Continue Reading →

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